On March 1, 2022, Krzysztof Appelt Ph.D., RANDAEMON CFO, has delivered an outstanding presentation at the recent edition of the prestigious New York conference FiRe 2022 https://fire.futureinreview.com. His insights into issues around the future of cybersecurity and the challenges of modern cryptography on an industrial scale raised a great deal of interest among participants. This also resulted in an increased interest from investors, some leading to direct negotiations.

Cybersecurity becomes increasingly challenging to achieve, using so far employed methods and technologies. Breaking the internet will become especially easy for the upcoming wave of quantum computers. The best way to protect cyber communication is to encrypt the whole communication by using very sophisticated cryptography. Only the truly random numbers, delivered in billions of binary digits, provide an unbreakable toolset for modern cryptography.

QRNGs are essential for providing quantum-unbreakable encryption for multiple applications and activities such as internet banking, internet shopping, or internet devices. QRNGs are also crucial for blockchain security.

To ensure the privacy of any communication, cryptography must be local e.g., use of the so-called Perfect Forward Secrecy.

Cryptographic keys should use an efficient random number generator in-situ i.e., on the user device.

A very good random number generator must be built into communicating devices like computers and mobile phones or smart devices. And last but not least, the technology must be compatible with the standard manufacturing technics.

Although several methods or devices are offered, most of them are not easily incorporated into consumer devices. For example, suitable devices such as qStream, Quantis, or QN100 are not pure quantum as claimed. Their entropy sources are prone to external influences like temperature or voltage changes – hence they are breakable.

RANDAEMON’s mission is to build a Quantum Random Number Generator that is hardware-based, on an integrated circuit (IC), that is integrated into SoC and can be fabricated using standard chip manufacturing technology. It must have an ultimate entropy source from pure beta decay; PIN or SPAD detector, autocorrection, and randomization. And above all, having high throughput for random bitstream.

RANDAEMON solution is based on nuclear beta decay. The use of nuclear beta decay is perfectly suited for local, in-situ QRNGs. The pure quantum process happens inside the nuclei. Decays are random in time and space. Beta radiation (electrons) is easily detectable. The emission of electrons is not affected by normal conditions such as acceleration, pressure, temperature, magnetic and electric fields, etc.