RANDAEMON, a Polish startup with offices in Warsaw and San Diego, California, sets the world’s highest standard in cybersecurity as its Quantum Random Number Generator obtains another patent in Europe Union.

On February 2, 2022, the European Patent Office granted a patent number EP 3,776,179 METHOD AND APPARATUS, SYSTEMS, AND METHODS COMPRISING TRITIUM RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR assigned to RANDAEMON. This patent is related to the previously issued US patent 10,430,161 owned by RANDAEMON, covering the general idea of using pure beta minus (electron emission) nuclear decay as a source of entropy. The random number generator includes a cavity filled with tritium and an electronic sensor constructed to detect energy from the decay of the tritium. The sensor produces a signal for the detected energy and an amplifier amplifies the signal, while a filter filters the signal. A processor determines whether the signal represents decay events for tritium; sets a timer to determine the time period between decay events; based on the periods measured assigns a value of a 0 or a 1; stores the value in a memory; repeats steps above resulting in a string of values; and generates a true random number based on the string of values. This TRNG may be formed on an integrated circuit.

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