RANDAEMON, a Polish startup with offices in Warsaw and San Diego, California, sets the world’s highest standard in cybersecurity as its Quantum Random Number Generator obtains another patent in Korea.

On August 1, 2022, the Korean Intellectual Property Office granted a new patent number 10-2429142 METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ON-CHIP TRUE RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR USING BETA DECAY assigned to RANDAEMON. This patent is related to the previously issued US patent 11,249,725 owned by RANDAEMON, covering the general idea of using pure beta minus (electron emission) nuclear decay as a source of entropy and design and manufacturing of QRNGs. A random number generator is disclosed, including a radioactive source and an array of detector cells. The issued patent allows for a much faster and more efficient generation of random numbers on-chip from the very same source of entropy, i.e., nickel 63. The efficiency goes up to 0.25 Gb/(sec∙cm2) of the detectors area of the chip. Such large quantities of random numbers are needed by modern cryptography, unbreakable by quantum computers.

For more information about RANDAEMON and to access our issued and published patents, please visit the RANDAEMON web page at htpps://randaemon.com.

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Image by tawatchai07 on Freepik